Great fighters, fighters and trainers whose careers we have successfully accompanied over many years or who have used our equipment in the past.

wladimir klitschko 01

Wladimir Klitschko

IBF, WBO, WBA, IBO World Champion*, Heavyweight
vitali klitschko 01

Vitali Klitschko

WBO und WBC World Champion, Heavyweight
juergen braehmer 01

Jürgen Brähmer

WBA World Champion*, Light Heavyweight
oleksandr usyk 01

Oleksandr Usyk

IBF, WBA, WBO, IBO World Champion, Heavyweight
dariusz michalczewski 01

Dariusz Michalczewski

WBO World Champion, Light Heavyweight
ina menzer 01

Ina Menzer

WIBF, WBC, WBO World Champion, Featherweight
markus beyer 01

Markus Beyer

WBO World Champion, Light Heavyweight
regina halmich 01

Regina Halmich

WIBF World Champion, Flyweight
susi kentikian 01

Susi Kentikian

WBA, WIBF, WBO World Champion*, Flyweight
zsolt erdei 01

Zsolt Erdei

WBO World Champion*, Light Heavyweight
gennady golovkin 01

Gennadi Golowkin

IBF, WBA, IBO World Champion, Middleweight
marcos maidana 01

Marcos Maidana

WBA World Champion, Light Welterweight
ruslan chagaev 01

Ruslan Chagaev

WBA World Champion, Heavyweight
denis boytsov 01

Denis Boytsov

WBA Intercontinental Champion, Heavyweight
luan krasniqi 01

Luan Krasniqi

European Champion, Heavyweight
ralf rocchigiani 01

Ralf Rocchigiani

WBO World Champion, Cruiserweight