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PAFFEN SPORT equipment for amateur Muay Thai competitions complies with IFMA guidelines.
In addition to boxing gloves and head protectors, you will also find suitable groin guards and jockstraps, shin and instep protectors, elbow and ankle pads as well as suitable competition and training clothing for amateur and professional athletes.
Boxing gloves from PAFFEN SPORT are designed and constructed in such a way that they are equally suitable for almost all martial arts. Many models are available in competition weights from 8 ounces with various degrees of padding.
We also offer shin and instep protectors and elbow pads from the «ALLROUND» line made from elasticated spandex with particularly thick special padding, specially developed for amateur Muay Thai competitions. The «CONTEST THAI» competition shorts and the «CONTEST TWIST» reversible jersey with a red or blue outer side are available to match.
Also in our shop: Bandages and mouthguards for competition and sparring.
«CONTACT T WOMEN» Groin guard
Color: black | Size: S
4 Sizes

- 30%
«ALLROUND» Elbow pads
Color: red | Size: S
3 Colors
4 Sizes

€9.09* €12.99* - 30.02%
- 20%
«ALLROUND» Ankle pads, padded
2 Sizes

€9.59* €11.99* - 20.02%
«THAI STAR» Thai shorts
Color: camouflage black | Size: S
4 Colors
4 Sizes

Variants from €27.99*