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We have been one of the leading manufacturers of martial arts equipment in Europe since 1988. Because we supply you with what you need: martial arts equipment that is suitable for everyday use and practical application. The essentials.

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Knowing what is needed

Thanks to our decades of experience as active athletes and coaches, we know what is needed in daily training and under tough competition conditions and how it should be designed for this. This applies to professionals as well as interested beginners, occasional recreational and fitness athletes or ambitious amateurs. 

High quality and a price-performance ratio geared towards the needs of athletes are at the forefront of all our developments. We are constantly working to further develop our products in order to help shape the development of martial arts with innovative products.

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The Champions Brand 

Top athletes have been relying on quality made by Paffen Sport for over 30 years. Tyson Fury, Joseph Parker, Jürgen Brähmer, Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, Regina Halmich, Dariusz Michalczewski, Sven Ottke - to name but a few - boxed or boxed successfully with our equipment. Paffen Sport is a partner of the WBC, IBF, WBO, IBO, BBBoC, EBU, Wako and the BDB as well as the official supplier of the Tyson Fury training camp and the Klitschko training camp.

Professional Boxing Equipment 

Paffen Sport Boxing Equipment not only fulfils the high requirements of professional boxing, but also meets the high demands of professional boxing. All martial artists who practice their sport with passion and commitment to their sport can rely on our professional boxing equipment - in training, sparring or competition.

That's why we are constantly working on developing innovative new products and making existing ones even better.

For everyone who loves martial arts as much as we do.

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