Mouthguard for boxing


Paffen Sport boxing mouthguards – MADE IN GERMANY

Contributing to a reduction of tooth and jaw injuries, a gumshield is indispensable in professional as well as in amateur sports. A perfect gumshield should, thus, consist of high-quality material and have a perfect fit. Our gumshields are contaminant-free, food safe and are made in Germany. The “Pro” gumshield with adhesive mass for mixing can be individually adjusted to every jaw. The “Double” mouthguard protects the upper and lower row of teeth. Our classic gumshields of the “Allround” series are mouldable in hot water and can be adapted to the upper row of teeth. They are available in many different colours and designs, with or without mint flavour, for adults and children.

Gumshields for adults and children

Children need smaller gumshields as gumshields for adults cannot be adjusted to a smaller jaw radius. Apart from that, they are similar to the gumshields for adults and are also available with or without mint flavour. The gum shields for children of our “Allround” series are available in the colours black and transparent.