Instructions for use and care tips
for mouthguards

Important information on intended use

This mouthguard is intended to prevent superficial mechanical injuries in all sports, in which impacts in the mouth area might occur, e.g. boxing and related martial arts, handball, hockey, ice hockey, rugby, etc.

Improper use reduces the protective function considerably.

Depending on the intensity and form of application as well as cleaning and car, the mouthguard may deform and get damaged. Chemicals and extreme heat may also lead to deformation and reduced protection. It is preferable to replace the mouthguard in such a case.

For an optimum level of protection it is further recommendable to replace the mouthguard, at the latest after one year, depending on the degree of wearing.


1. Place the mouthguard into the upper teeth an fix it with light biting. Remove disturbing plastic parts with a knife.
2. Place the mouthguard in hot water with a temperatur of at least 65° C for approx. 5 minutes.
3. Rinse mouth out with cold water for several times.
4. Take the mouthguard out of the water and place it into the upper teeth. Press tounge to the palate and bit with moderate pressure for approx. 2 to 3 minutes. The mouthguard is adapted right now.

Cleaning and storing

After sport, the mouthguard should be thoroughly rinsed with lukewarm water and air dried. It should not be dried off, as thread remainders and fluff might stick to the mouthguard.

The moist mouthguard should never be left in a closed storage box for a longer period of time. This can lead to mould growth. Ideally, the mouthguard should always be stored in an open storage box. Please ensure, that the mouthguard is sufficiently ventilated.

From time to time, the mouthguard should be more thoroughly cleaned with a toothbrush with running water. Do not use cleaning agents, detergents for dentures, or toothpaste.

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