FIT Chin-up bar

Professional studio pull-up bar in enhanced design, ergonomically optimized, for wall mounting.

For the pull-up training of biceps, triceps, lattissimus dorsi, chest muscles, round muscle, trapezius muscle and front upper arm. Outrigger and handlebar as securily bolted separated elements. Handlebar made of tubular steel Ø 27mm, angled shape, additional parallel horn handles with approx. 40cm space between the handles.Can be screwed with M12 countersunk-head screws at the outrigger construction. Additional M10 ring for an alternative mounting of a light up to midweight punching bag, a maize ball or a souble-end ball. The surface is powder-coated in anthracite metallic, incl. mounting set. 356100 approx. 62 x 115 x 20 cmper

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