Data Protection Declaration of Paffen Sport GmbH & Co. KG

Customer data:

Paffen Sport raises, processed and uses personal data of a user without more extensive consent only so far if for the contract reason and settlement as well as it is required for accounting purposes. Individual-related data are single data about personal or factual ratio of a concrete or definable natural person (person affected). The ascertainment of such data means collecting them by the person affected himself. The processing of personal data includes storing, amending, transmitting, blocking and deleting. Use means any use of personal data which is no processing. According to the applicable provisions, Paffen Sport is able to provide the prosecution authorities and courts with information for the purposes of prosecution.

For the purpose of direct marketing or for market research purposes, Paffen Sport can evaluate (or have them evaluated by a third party) inventory and traffic data of the customer. The customer can object to this evaluation by contacting Paffen Sport via email. Inventory data are personal data which are necessary to justify or change the contractual relationship between Paffen Sport and the customer. Inventory data includes the customer’s name, address, telephone number, email address and payment details. Paffen Sport will transfer inventory data to a third party only if necessary for the performance of the service. A further use of the inventory data for the purpose of advertising, market research or for the need-based design of our services requires the explicit consent of the customer due to the privacy policy. The customer can withdraw his agreement in written form at any time. The regulation in art. 29 BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act) permits a business-related collection, storage or change of personal data for the purpose of transfer, especially in connection with the activities of credit agencies. Credit agencies connect personal data from different sources and transfer them to third parties. Paffen Sport is obliged to provide the necessary data to those credit agencies.

Internet data:

Paffen Sport takes the protection of your personal information very seriously and treats and stores data transmitted to us in agreement with the conditions of the German data protection act (BDSG) and the German broadcast media act (TMG). Paffen Sport follows the data minimisation principle (art. 3a BDSG) very closely. Nevertheless, it cannot be prohibited, that the provider might store your IP address. The prevailing opinion is, that IP addresses constitute personal data – as, like it is the case with licence plates, a person could be identified with the IP address data and the corresponding address data.

Please find below information on how your data is processed:

As soon as you open our website, the following data is stored: your IP address, the time of your visit, the data and pages that were visited, opened or downloaded. It is not stored WHO you are. This requires information by your provider, who can identify you by means of your IP address. This information can only be requested e.g. in the case of copyright infringements or if investigating authorities (police, etc.) demand the information from the provider. This request for information only takes place in case of misuse attributable to a specific IP address. Up to now, such a case never happened. No cookies of this site are stored on your computer; our website –as far as we know - does not need the insertion of cookies on your system.

IP addresses can be used for statistical purposes. You can recall your consent for the storage of your IP address at any time and request its deletion. In this case, Paffen Sport will endeavour to meet your request. It shoud, however, be noted that this will cause major difficulties with the provider. Paffen Sport is also aware, that the user has to be informed in advance about the storage of personal-related data and that he has to give his explicit consent. Unfortunately, this is technically not possible. For this reason – like it is the case with tens of million websites in Germany – you will use the website before being informed about your user rights. From a legal point of view this “belated” information on rights in respect of personal data is not correct. It is to mention, however, that a legally correct way would cause a technically difficult (if not impossible) effort (as it is not allowed to exclude the user from the use of the offer in the event of rejection) and would lead to the result that no one would ever use a website again. The same applies to the transmission of IP addresses in emails.

We do not use Google Analytics. For this reason we do not have to provide information on what this third-party service does with your data.

There is also no plugin to Facebook and/or Twitter. What you see on the website is the possibility as post an article under your own (!) account in some social media portals as link. You log in to your own account and no personal data is stored. It is possible that e.g. Facebook remembers from where you posted the corresponding link. This information, however, is not stored HERE. Any discussion on a data breach by Facebook or via Facebook with our aid is, thus, excluded. Should you have further questions regarding data protection on our website, please do not hesitate to write us an email. In observance of the legal guidelines, Paffen Sport will let you know in written form, if and which personal data is stored. Our data protection officer is at your disposal for this and other questions concerning data protection:

As of Mai 2016