Instructions for use and care tips
for boxing and combat sports gloves

Important information on intended use

The protective effect of these boxing gloves are intended for boxing and related unarmed martial arts and are eventually not suitable for other sports. These boxing gloves are designed for mitt exercises, sparring or competition.

Using the device other as for the intended purpose – e.g. for punching bag training or apparatus training – reduces the protective function significantly and, in the worst case, can lead to injuries.

Depending on the intensity and form of application as well as cleaning and care, the boxing gloves may deform or even get damaged. Chemicals and extreme heat may also lead to deformation and reduced protection. It is preferable, in the athlete’s own interest, to replace the boxing gloves in such a case.

For an optimum level of protection and a high durability, it is recommendable, to always wear the boxing gloves with boxing bandages and to replace them, at the latest, at the end of the applicable warranty duration of two years.

Select the proper size!

The boxing gloves should fit firmly and not slip. Try the fit with taped hands before the first usage. The Velcro fastening or lace fastening should be fastened tightly, but not cut off the blood supply. Prior to usage, please check if the Velcro fastenings are closed and the lacings are lashed. Our boxing gloves can be adapted to almost all hands.

For women, there are special, more narrowly cut gloves (art. no. 2180, 2182, 2183, 2184). We also offer gloves for children (art. no. 216921006 + 008, 2108). For especially big hands we offer gloves in size XL (art. no. 1116).

Cleaning and storing

Protect the boxing gloves from moisture and wet. Always wear them with bandages and store them at a dry place.

Open fastenings wide after sport to enable ventilation and evaporation of moisture from sweating. Stuff the gloves with paper or similar in case of high moisture.

Clean by hand with lukewarm water or mild detergent solution. Remove cleaning residues with a damp cloth and wipe the glove dry with a soft cloth. Let the gloves dry in a well ventilated room at room temperature. Never keep them outdoors overnight.

Prevent heat sources and extreme temperature. Never use chemicals, paint thinner, petrol, alcohol or strong detergents for cleaning, as these can damage the surface. Treat leather with suitable, colourless care products.

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