Martial art mats 1x1 m

For training and contest, made of 2cm-thick skid-proof foam, high absorption characteristic, with border cogging for easy space adjustment.

1 x 1 m, 3 kg

Due to material, the single mats can differ in color and tonal value. A guarantee for a uniform coloring cannot be given.

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Training without injuries thanks to our combat sports mat

In training as well as in combat, safety is top priority. To prevent a collision with a hard ground, the training facility ground should be covered with a special martial arts mat. Our mats consist of skid-proof foam and offer a particularly effective suspension due to their thickness of 2cm. The square-cut, 1 metre wide mat parts have a gear tooth system so that the segments can be nested. Of course, the martial arts mats can be cut to the training facility’s dimensions to ensure a complete ground covering. In addition to this, the different colours of the front side and back side enable for example a marking of the competition area.

Combat sport mats for a stable footing and a soft impact

It is particularly important, that a martial arts mat is skid-proof to perform complex movements without losing grip. Our special mas combine a skid-proof plane, soft padding and a comfortable surface.

Of course you don’t want to hit the ground when fighting. To ensure a soft landing, if the worst comes to the worst, we recommend our martial arts mats with particularly high damping capacity. Thanks to the foam material, the pads are also pre-eminently suited for the martial arts judo, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun, etc. …