Boxing rings and equipment


Authentic training under combat conditions in the boxing ring

Forcing someone into the corner or hanging in the ropes yourself is only possible in the boxing ring. Learning how to box is not possible by simply exercising the duel on the mat. To be able to win a fight, you have to know exactly the dimensions of a boxing ring and how to use them. Thus, it makes sense to buy a professional boxing ring for training groups to be able to ideally train match situations. Our FIX-UP boxing rings with compact quick assembly are ideally suited for training facilities without mounting possibilities. It can be set up quickly and thanks to the simple plugging and screwing function, the solid boxing ring is perfectly suited for contest training, demo performances and press training.

Boxing ring and boxing ring fittings for an all-round equipment

When purchasing a boxing ring, also the corresponding equipment is required. We offer you the adequate equipment for every boxing ring. Make your boxing ring a professional training ground. From corner pads and martial arts mats to rope wrappings, header cards to connecting cords with fitting rope coating and other small equipment - our range of products offers everything the boxer‘s heart might desire! Professionalise your training, step into the ring and train under competition conditions.