MMA gloves


MMA gloves and fist protectors.

MMA gloves – our product range comprises boxing gloves for full contact MMA in different versions for training and contest. Fist protectors with padding or slip-in gloves – both versions offer finger movability. Our models are made of artificial leather or real leather applying the highest standards of workmanship. Almost all of our MMA gloves and fist protectors are equipped with a strong padding of the knuckle area, surrounding seams and an extra-long Velcro fastening for wrist stabilisation and correspond to the demands of mixed martial arts. Take a look at our products.

We are pleased to assist you in choosing the perfect equipment. Mixed martial arts gloves – for the modern mix of different martial arts. Martial arts is a relatively young full contact martial art allowing to use the whole body. Boxing and kicking as well as ground combat and wrestling techniques are mixed. The fights start standing and mostly end on the ground. Punches and kicks, joint locks and strangleholds are permitted. This sport demands a lot of coenaesthesia, power and endurance. The full physical involvement necessitates a good protective gear. This includes special MMa gloves for contest or fist protectors as training glove and eventually extra boxing gloves.