Maize balls


Maize balls for an effective target training

The maize ball owes its name in fact from the original filling with dried maize and its pear shape. Nevertheless, balls with a special rubber granulate filling prevailed the market. These balls keep their shape even after countless punches and have a particularly good absorption. Our extra heavy Allround maize ball satisfies with this special filling and has additionally an extremely durable tarpaulin fabric covering. Our Pro maize ball can be ordered filled or unfilled and offers a covering made of high-quality leather, kept together by extra reinforced seams. Attach the ball to the ceiling by means of an appropriate chain and improve your flexibility and feeling for distance with this freely moving training device.

The adequate maize ball for your training goal

Form and size of this training equipment is predestined for an intense exercising of hooks and uppercuts. Also evasive movements and endurance can be perfected with this flexible maize ball. Training with a maize ball requires a certain level of coordination and feeling for distance which can be brought to perfection with this ball. Besides the classical ball, we also offer punching bags in maize ball shape to which chain suspension and swivel are already attached. Group training or private training - our high-quality maize balls help you perfect your punches!