Skipping ropes for boxing


Skipping rops for boxing and martial arts training

Rope skipping is an essential part of boxing training. It enhances endurance, muscle formation, footwork and coordination. The heavy “Pro” leather skipping rope can improve the condition considerably. This high-quality professional leather skipping rope further prevails by its classic look and exclusive details. The “Star” PVC skipping rope with steel core offers the possibility to improve the training effect by means of additional weights. Both ropes have a relatively high self-weight and generate a very consistent rotation. Skipping ropes with less weight like the “Allround” leather skipping rope and “Fit” PVC skipping rope with steel care enable a perfect training of footwork and coordination. The lightweight “Fit” colour ropes are perfectly suited for beginners and children. They are available in many different colours in our online shop.

Paffen Sport jump ropes

The product range of Paffen Sporrt offers the appropriate equipment for every martial artist.
The “Star” PVC skipping rope is a real all-rounder and is, depending on body height, available in two different lengths. Additional weights can be put into the handles for a better workout effect and in order to strengthen the musculature of shoulder and underarms. The additional weights are, of course, also available in our Paffen Sport online shop.