Groin guards and chest protectors


Groin guards and chest protectors for martial arts

With the protective equipment of PAFFEN SPORT you are ideally prepared for intense martial arts. When it comes to the workmanship of groin guards and chest protectors, quality ranks first. They have to be lightweight and ergonomic but have to offer highest stability and safety at the same time. In our online shop you can choose between our different product categories like “Contest”, “Pro”, “Star” or “Allround”. We offer the adequate material for professional athletes, advanced athletes and beginners.

Protective equipment and groin guards by PAFFEN SPORT

Our range of products adjusts to the athlete’s requirements and the corresponding martial art. The “Allround” groin guard is perfectly suited for effective freedom of movement especially in kickboxing and thai boxing. For even more safety, you can use the groin guard “Contest” or “Star”, made of artificial leather. The real leather groin guards “Pro” and “Pro Mexican” are especially suited for boxing. For reliable protection of women’s sensitive body zones, we offer anatomically and ergonomically adapted groin guards and chest protectors of our "Lady" series.