Kick- and punch pad


Punch and kick resistant: punching pads for varied training

High-quality kick and punch pads are essential for a good training session without injuries. We offer a broad range of pads, punch mitts, and body protectors which fulfil almost every training demand thanks to their different sizes, forms and material. Different fighting styles can be practised as our range of pads is suitable for boxing, kickboxing, K1, Muay Thai as well as MMA. The punch-absorbing and highly elastic fabrics offer safety with every move for the athlete as well as for his training partner. Enjoy your training with full concentration and power.

Step by step towards success with the adequate punching pad

Perform targeted training of technique, speed, marksmanship, and power and learn to control your physical exertion. Our THAI STAR series is a classic among punching bags. The extremely thick training device is suited for the training of hooks, kicks, and knee and punch exercises. As circumstances require, it can be obtained in the versions XXL, XL, as well as normal, curved or angle pad. Our large product range contains also smaller kick and punching pads for a targeted training of certain movements like low-kicks. Besides these interactive coach devices, including leg punching pads, elbow pads and upper body protectors, we also offer combination models with wall mounting enabling a varied group and contest training as well as a multifunctional individual martial arts training.