Wall apparatuses / Wall punching pads


Wall punching pads and –apparatuses for a better marksmanship

Pull no punches! Our wall punching pads absorb every punch. Made of high-quality and durable leather, our foam padded training devices absorb every kick or punch and, at the same time, offer you protection. The classic rectangular pad is suited for a simple punch and kick training. Apart from these pads, we also offer pyramid pads and combination wall punching bags enabling a variable punch and kick training thanks to their three-dimensional surface. One of our highlights is the ALLROUND tilted pad, suited for punch and kick exercises for all martial arts athletes and especially for upper cut exercises and elbow techniques.

Challenging individual training with flexible wall punching pads

All of our wall punching pads can be attached to a convenient slide rail. The 130cm long rail made of a sturdy steel construction adapts size and offers also the possibility to train punches and kicks in different heights. The slide rail can be easily attached to the wall and is extremely flexible by four sliding spools. There are a lot of situations in which you need more than a static counterpart for individual boxing training. Enhance your concentration and your punching rhythm with our special speedball racks. These are outstandingly suited for warm-up or the so called cool-down at the end of each training unit. The high-quality device for an optimum individual training includes a mounting kit for wall fixing, sliding rail, swivel joint and speedball.