Groin guards & chest guards


Groin guards and chest protectors for competition and sparring in martial arts

You never see it, still, sparring and competition in boxing and almost all martial arts is unthinkable without groin guard. Groin guards for boxing, Muay Thai,K1 or kickboxing must fulfil the following conditions: the groin guard has to reliably protect from hits below the belt and kicks. At the same time, the jockstrap shouldn’t slip or hinder the course of movement. For boxing as well as for martial arts in which kicks take place and the radius of movement is different, like thaiboxing, K1 or kickboxing, PAFFEN SPORT offers specially adapted groin guards. In addition, there are different cut groin guards for women and men, especially adapted to the respective anatomy.

Groin guards & chest guards from PAFFEN SPORT

For amateur and professional boxing and sparring, we offer high-quality groin guards made of handmade leather with elastics and lacing for an optimum fit. Apart from that, there is also a range of differently cut groin guards, which can be used in almost all martial arts. These groin guards are more narrowly cut and made of robust synthetic leather and offer, thanks to their anatomically adapted rigid foam inlays, a comprehensive protection throughout maximum freedom of movement. For women’s boxing, there are special breast guards. These consist of a light, elastic and breathable mesh bustier with two rigid foam cups. The elastic bustier and the rigid foam cups fasten the breast area and reduce considerably the impact energy on sensitive areas.