Boxing Apparel


Competition garment for Olympic amateur competition boxing and professional boxing

Competition garment for Olympic boxing and professional boxing should be robust and breathable. The cut and fit should be adapted to the movement patterns in boxing and guarantee the greatest possible freedom of movement, also if a groin guard is worn underneath. For Olympic boxing, competition garment also has to meet the regulations of DBV and AIBA. PAFFEN SPORT competition boxing garment complies with these requirements. It is compulsory for competitions in Olympic boxing, that boxing tops and matching shorts have the basic colour blue, red or black. Boxing tops and boxing short have to have the same basic colour and have to be separated by a visible band. PAFFEN SPORT boxing shorts and boxing tops, thus, have a broad white band. In addition, there are also boxing tops and boxing shorts with turning function. Depending on the requirement, top and short can be worn in blue or red.

PAFFEN SPORT boxing shorts and boxing tops are very popular for training and sparring among hobby boxers, amateurs, and professionals. The armholes and necklines of the boxing tops are as wide cut as tank tops. This makes them very light, allows air to ventilate and doesn’t handicap training, sparring, or competition. Competition boxing shorts for professional boxers are made of a very robust and comfortable polyester mix. The high-quality, silkily shining material of these professional boxing shorts has an elegant satin look. PAFFEN SPORT professional boxing shorts for men and women are available in many different designs and sizes, with or without eye-catching sequined detailing or with side stripes in contrasting colours. A particularly attractive feature is the reasonably priced boxing shorts in professional cut for training. In order to keep the musculature warm during the walk-in, PAFFEN SPORT also offers different boxing coats with hood. Like our professional boxing shorts, these boxing coats are designed in satin look and offer a great wearing comfort. On top of that, we also offer special coach jackets for coaches and assistants. They have a sleazy and loose cut and, thanks to six functional pockets, offer a lot of storage space for scissors, tape, Vaseline, dressing material and everything that has to be ready to hand very quickly during competition.