Boxing head guards


Boxing head guards for Olympic amateur competition boxing

Head protectors for Olympic boxing have to comply with highest safety standards and have to fulfil the requested test critera of DBV (German Boxing Association) and AIBA (International Boxing Association). This is certified by a benchmark, which has to be visibly attached to the boxing headgear. PAFFEN SPORT martial arts competition headgear for Olympic boxing complies with the requirements of AIBA and DBV andcan be bought with or without DBV benchmark.

PAFFEN SPORT amateur competition head guard is characterised by handmade leather on the outside, antiskid suede on the inside as well as a perfect fit, and can be adapted – by means of cording on the upper head and Velcro fastenings at the back of the head and chin – to almost every head shape. These head protectors are available in four sizes: S (head circumference 52-55 cm), M (head circumference 55-58 cm), L (head circumference (58-60 cm) and XL (head circumference 60-62 cm).

Since 2013, in accordance with the regulations of AIBA and DBV, it is no longer obligatory for boxers older than 18 years to wear a head protector at official competitions. A headguard only has to be worn if no competition boxing gloves calibrated to 12 ounces are available. However, boxers up the age of 18 and women have to wear a competition head protector at official DBV competitions. PAFFEN SPORT boxing head guards for Olympic boxing are also perfectly suited for competition-like training and sparring.