Strength / Endurance / Fitness


Sweat suits, additional weights, medicine balls and more

Besides punch impact and power of concentration, power, endurance and fitness are the basis for a successful martial artist. Hardly any other sport is more physically demanding than boxing and martial arts. Paffen Sport offers a selection of high-quality training equipment for weight training and fitness training like sweat suits, weight vests, additional weights for head and hand, hand weights and medicine balls. We also offer different fitness gloves for weight training.

Everything for your fitness

The “Allround” sweat suit is almost indispensable for everyone who wants to execute competition-level boxing. By means of its airtight material and the narrow-cut cuffs, the sweatsuit supports the boxer, kickboxer or Muay Thai fighter to quickly reach the fighting weight. The training effect can be increased with the “Allround” weight vest. The exchangeable weight bags enable a stepwise increase of intensity. For neck musculature training, we recommend the “Fit” head collar made of soft terry cloth upper material. The “Fit” weight bands are perfectly suited for the strengthening of arm and leg musculature. Apart from that, we also offer different medicine balls made of Ruton plastic or leather in different weight classes in our online shop.