Boxing bandages


Hand wraps in different colours and lengths

Boxing bandages are indispensable in martial arts – in training as well as in competition. The padding and stabilisation of the hands can, by means of the right wrapping technique, reduce the risk of injuries significantly. With a bandage beneath the boxing gloves, your hands and wrists are perfectly protected. Our product range includes boxing bandages according to AIBA/DBV regulations in different lengths (2.4 inches, 5.8 inches and 9.2 inches) and colours made of different material. Hand bandages are suited as inner glove beneath the regular boxing glove or punching bag glove. Alternatively, an inner glove can be worn. Additionally, we also offer the “Gel Wrap” boxing bandage with neoprene hand slip with gel padding. This boxing bandage offers optimum absorption and stabilisation. Of course, Paffen Sport also offers high-quality competition and training gloves! How to wrap and bind boxing bandages.

How to wrap your boxing bandages

At first, put the thumb loop around the thumb and set it tight so it can’t slip. Wrap the bandage several times firmly around your wrist. Wrap the bandage from the back of your hand from the outside between the single knuckles, always in the same order: wrist, back of the hand, space between the fingers. Wrist, back of the hand, …
You should always take care that it is still possible to make a fist despite sufficient stability. Please note: the thumb is wrapped from the inner side. Wrap the bandage once again around the wrist and the thumb and then wrap the end of the bandage in the opposite direction around the wrist. The application of hand bandages or boxing bandages necessitates some practicing but can be learned easily.