Punch pads / Mitts


Punch pads – Perfecting the hitting techniques by targeted training with mitts

Amateurs and professionals can improve their hitting techniques with mitt training.
Straight punches and hooks can be practised and the technical abilities can be improved. If mitt, disc pad or combination mitt – PAFFEN SPORT offers a great and high-quality selection of different hand mitts. We sell beginner’s models for hobby and leisure sports, e.g. our “Fit” disc mitt or our “Fit” combination mitt. Whereas the disc mitt is only for punching exercises, the combination mitts can also be used for the training of competition-like interactions. Advanced athletes can practice more complex patterns with the “Allround Eco” coach mitt. The punch pads and mitts of our “Coach” and “Pro” line are conceptualized for qualified and professional coaches.

These high-quality punch pads offer first-class material and finish in connection with different focal points. These mitts are available as combination, coach and professional mitts with different damping ratios for the ball of the thumb and the palm, only with slippage for a fast entry or with additional Velcro fastenings and buckle closures. For special demands and design lovers, we offer punch pads and mitts of our “The Traditional”, “Gel”, “Kibo Fight” and “C-Force” product line. Those who want an even more flexible and versatile training should have a look at the “Coach” combination pad and the “Pro Thai” body protector. The round “Coach” combination punch pad enables the practicing of fast punch sequences. This pad is also perfectly suited for Muay Thai, kickboxing or MMA training. The “Pro Thai” body protector was developed for Muay Thai and kickboxing and can be used for a targeted training of liver and kidney hooks and body shots.

Mitts, punch cushions or punch pads – Training tools with a long history

Mitts are applied already since the 1920s. They were introduced by the sambo fighter Anatoly Kharlampiev. It is the target of punch cushion training, to practice automatize special punches, step combinations and body movements. By the competition-like movements, where the coach is wearing the hand mitts, the boxer can learn to preserve his energy by the efficient use of hitting techniques on punch pads like our Gel Pro mitts with robust Velcro closure. They offer an optimum punch absorption and secure hold. You will find our boxing gloves also in our online shop.