Training headgear


Sparring, training or competition? Find the appropriate head protection at PAFFEN SPORT  

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a pro: the right headgear is an indispensable element of sparring in boxing. We offer head protectors in various variations and designs. The highlight is the “Pro Mexican” head protector for sparring. This absolutely high-end head protector offers handmade quality leather, thick foam padding at all neuralgic areas, an ergonomic shape and, as a special plus, an extremely light weight. Even in the hardest competition-like sparring units, martial artists can rely on its punch-absorbing characteristics. Apart from that, we also offer a large range of different quality and absorption gradations for sparring. Our “Star Mesch” sparring headgear convinces with low weight but maximum punch absorption. Its key feature is the smart mix of artificial leather and mesh, which enables a light weight, durability and an improved air circulation. The martial artist sweats less and the head protector doesn’t slip even during long training sessions. Our “Contest” headgear completes our premium line with a competition-proven, handmade quality leather head protector.

In addition, we offer head protectors for special requirements: “Star Nose Protection”, “Contest Thai”, “C-Force” and “Kids”. The leatherette helmet “Nose Protection” offers a circular guard bracket, which effectively absorbs hits on the nose. The leather headguard “Contest Thai” is specially adapted to the requirements in thai boxing. Our “C-Force” headgear is made of a leatherette/synthetic/mesh mix and convinces with its strategically positioned hexpad. The artificial leather head protector “Kids” with extra thick passing and tailored fit is especially developed for the smaller and more sensible child head.

We offer also the cost-effective beginner’s head protector “Fit” for training, the all-rounder “Allround Eco” for daily use and available for a good price-performance ratio and the durable leather headgear “Kibo Fight” for highest demands. Decide for yourself, which headguard fulfils your requirements! Choosing the right headgear significantly reduces the risk of injuries during training or combat. There are various types of head protectors. Particularly important is the difference between training and competition headgear. Besides the models which particularly offer protection of temples, forehead, cheekbone or additional protection of ears and eardrum, an extended headgear can even offer nose and chin protection. We will gladly assist you in selecting the right protector.