Punching bag gloves for boxing training


High-quality punching bag gloves by PAFFEN SPORT

Why do I need additional punching bag gloves when I already have boxing gloves? Not only beginners and amateur athletes are faced with this question.
Almost every boxer and martial artist who undertakes apparatus training regularly is confronted with this question.

Whereas professional boxers dispose of the required equipment and the financial resources to wear out expensive sparring and competition gloves during punching bag or wall punch mitt training, every beginner, ambitioned amateur athlete or sports club member should ask himself the question, if extra expenses for special punching bag gloves aren’t justifiable by a significantly lower wear.
The advantages: punching bag gloves are considerably lighter and tighter than competition or sparring gloves and, thus, enable faster and more precise hitting sequences.

Their padding consists of compressed, rigid foam which doesn’t continue compressing and doesn’t perish even during long training sessions. Competition boxing gloves or sparring gloves on the other hand, have a considerably thicker and softer padding which compresses and perishes by consistent hitting against hard punching bags or punching mitts. Their surface also suffers from the improper use. The result: after a relatively short period of time, the expensive boxing gloves are no longer suited for sparring or competition as their surface is possibly damaged and the compressed padding conveys advantages which can even lead to severe injuries.

Punching bag gloves in every price category and quality

PAFFEN SPORT offers a coordinated selection of different punching bag gloves in different quality and price levels. Starting from the cost effective beginner’s model “fit” to the solid apparatus gloves “Allround” for everyday training and the “Kibo fight” series and the premium products of the “Pro” series. The “Pro Weight” boxing gloves allow an even more intense training. This apparatus glove is equipped with optional additional weights allowing an individual increase of power, endurance and speed. If you are rather practicing kickboxing, K1 or Muay Thai, the punching bag gloves “Allround” are the right choice.