Boxing gloves for training


Buying boxing gloves – PAFFEN SPORT is the right choice

Which boxing gloves should I use for training, sparring, mitt training or punching bag training? Real leather or artificial leather? Thick or thin padding? Not only beginners and hobby athletes but also advanced amateurs and professional boxing, Muay Thai, K1 or kickboxing professionals have to face this question. PAFFEN SPORT offers a large selection of high-grade boxing gloves in different quality and performance categories. Our range comprises artificial leather and real leather products as well as mixtures of both materials. We sell boxing gloves for every competition and training level. Our “Fit Line” is the right choice for beginners, children, teenagers and occasional boxing workout: robust leatherette boxing gloves with solid foam cushioning, Velcro fastening and breathable mesh inside hand at an entry-level price. The product line “Allround” boxing gloves offer different material quality from synthetic leather to real leather and different material mixes like leather/leatherette, leather/polyester mix or leatherette/mesh.

These robust gloves are designed for daily use and provide the right response to all training challenges. Advanced hobby and amateur boxers but also professionals who put emphasis on top quality, first-class finish and quality materials should opt for our “Star III” boxing glove for sparring. This premium product leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to training and sparring. Those to whom the best is just not good enough and who don’t accept compromises when it comes to quality, workmanship and material go for Pro line. This stands for absolute pro quality for highest demands. Boxing gloves made of extra thick, durable and handmade quality leather with multi-layered special paddings, lace fastenings, Velcro or double Velcro fastenings as well as special boxing gloves with additional weights – Pro line leaves nothing to be desired. For years, world famous professional boxers like Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, Felix Sturm and many others train regularly with our Pro line premium products.

The leather boxing gloves of our “Kibo Fight” line offer a cost-effective alternative; the leather boxing gloves of our “Gel” line provide additional gel padding. The “C-Force” and “Thai Star” series are designed for boxers and martial artists who love the unusual: robust artificial leather and leather gloves in camouflage or thai design. Apart from that, we offer boxing gloves which are anatomically adapted to women’s hands – our “lady” line. All gloves are characterised by best materials, first-class finish and ingenious design.

It’s obvious: no matter what you’re looking for – PAFFEN SPORT leaves nothing to be desired.

Boxing gloves or bag gloves – what is the difference?

Bag gloves or punching bag gloves or device gloves are solely intended for training with punching bags, wall punching pads, freestanding punching bags, speedballs and maize balls. The thin padding enables a precise training but make the punching bag gloves unsuitable for competition. A proper fit is important, especially when the boxing gloves are used in competition or sparring. If you want to buy boxing gloves, we are pleased to offer our advice. Since 1988, PAFFEN SPORT is one of the leading manufacturers of practical martial arts products suitable for daily use or competition. It is not without reason that professional boxer Wladimir Klitschko relies on our boxing gloves.