Muay Thai Contest


Competition equipment for thaiboxing and kickboxing

Comparable to the associations in professional boxing and Olympic boxing, the IFMA (International Federation of Muay Thai amateurs) for amateur Muay Thaiboxing and WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations) for kickboxing determine certain standards for competition protective gear and garment. The kickboxinggloves, thai protective headgear, protective vests, shin guards, instep protectors, elbow protectors as well as our competition garment comply with all the guidelines of these associations and can be bought with the corresponsing benchmarks.

Muay Thai boxing gloves and protective headgear

Boxing gloves and protective headgear are made of high-quality handmade leather and offer maximum protection by multi-layered paddings and special paddings, e.g. on the upper head and at the ear area for protective headgear. Apart from that, the headgear as well as the kickboxing gloves are ergonomically adapted to the head or hands and can be precisely adjusted by means of Velcro fastenings. Elbow protectors and the combined protection for shin and foot are made of an extremely light and elastic mesh material with a particularly solid and thick padding.

The protectors are made from one single piece and, thanks to their elastic material, can be easily slipped over and always have a perfect fit. The protective vests are made of a washable, robust polyurethane upper material with thick foam padding for maximum protection. The practical turning function enables a quick and easy switch between red and blue side. Thanks to the Velcro fastenings and shoulder straps, the protective vest can be easily adapted and fastened. Matching to the protective gear and in accordance with the IFMA regulations, PAFFEN SPORT offers shorts which are specifically developed for Muay Thai amateur competition. The short-length cut with side vents enables maximum freedom of movement for high kicks, low kicks and knee techniques. The broad, elastic band provides a perfect fit.