Impove your reflexes with RE.BALLiON reflex balls

Re.BALLiON is a training tool which helps to improve reaction speed, reflexes, concentration, speed and hand-eye coordination in boxing and martial arts. It can be used for workout, leisure time and office breaks but especially is particularly suited for boxing and martial arts training. The ball which is made of soft PU foam is attached to a headband with an elastic band. The objective is to hit the ball and keep it in the air with constantly increasing hitting sequences. Thanks to the elastic band, the ball develops a life of its own. The flight path is unpredictable and requires a spontaneous and fast reaction.

RE.BALLiON training balls – from starter edition to professional edition

Determine your training pace! The harder and faster your hitting sequences are, the faster the ball comes back. Even short-term training phases with Re.BALLiON can be as challenging as sparring. In order to keep the training with challenging also after years of training, Re.BALLiON is available in three different sizes, i.e. levels of difficulty. Start with the big “Starter” edition and improve with the smaller and faster “Advanced” Edition and higher this level with the small and extremely challenging “Pro” edition necessitating maximum concentration! The unpredictable training ball guarantees pure fun and boosts your reaction and accuracy!