Top quality for professional and amateur competitive training

Our training equipment is specially adapted to the different requirements of professionals, amateurs and sports enthusiasts. Whether boxing gloves for sparring or training, boxing ball gloves and punching bag gloves, headgear for sparring, coach mitts, mitts, punching pads, bandages, mouth guards, skipping ropes and further training equipment for weight training, fitness training or reflex-training (e.g. the practical Re.Ball.Do). We provide the appropriate equipment for everyone - professional top quality or cost-effective solutions for beginners. Apart from that, Paffen Sport offers essential utensils for coaches and assistants like timers, time clocks, endurance testers as well as bandages, tapes, enswells, Vaseline, drinking bottles and much more. We also supply fractical and cost-effective sets for children, beginners and advanced athletes with all the equipment essential for training.