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Fury Coach Davison: Tyson is a Freak of Nature!

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Fury Coach Davison: Tyson is a Freak of Nature!

Trainer Ben Davison, at the young age of 27, has arrived at the grand stage of boxing last year when he guided the comeback of former World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury to a disputed twelve-round draw with WBC kingpin Deontay Wilder. Most people wrote Fury off due to a variety of personal problems and immense weight gain - but with Davison in his corner, the outspoken "Gypsy King" turned his life and career around. 

FightMag by Paffen Sport sat down with Davison to talk about Fury's future, the Wilder fight, Anthony Joshua and much more.

What can you tell us about Tyson’s next move? Is the rematch with Wilder still the number one priority?

Yeah, obviously we would like to make that fight. And you know if you look at the numbers that ESPN does compared to Showtime, obviously ESPN has a lot bigger platform to work with so hopefully ESPN will be able to make that fight a bigger fight and have a big audience and obviously if it works out it were better for an financial situation for Wilder and Tyson as well, you know?

So no worries about the fact that Tyson, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder are now signed to three different US broadcasters?

No, because you know, if there is more money in it for both fighters, it obviously makes sense. Also, Wilder doesn’t have contract obligations which Showtime, it’s a fight-by-fight deal.

Let’s talk about the first Wilder fight: What do you think Tyson did right, what did he do wrong and how can he improve in a rematch?

Just some slight adjustment, you know. I believe, and I think 99 percent of the boxing world believe, that Tyson won that fight. We know what the mistake was in the last round and we are looking not to make that mistake again. I can’t give away too much information obviously because there is potentially another fight at hand. But we know what mistakes we made and we know how to adjust them to make it even more convincing than the first fight.

Did you think you could get up from that knockdown in the twelfth and final round?

It was a very heavy knockdown. I wasn’t sure, you know? I stood up to assess the situation but you know, Tyson is a freak of nature and he got up and from what I saw he finished the round stronger and probably won the rest of the round.

It actually looked like he hurt Wilder in the end.


Did you feel confident throughout the fight? Was there ever a point in the fight were you felt like Tyson could lose control?

There’s always that risk with a big puncher like Deontay Wilder, there is always that risk of one shot that can change the fight - and it nearly happened. I was aware of that, Tyson was aware of that when taking the fight. We often have that problem, though, that one shot can change a fight, especially in the heavyweight divison. He was fully aware of that and we have done our best to make sure that it didn’t happen.

Many fans actually didn’t expect Tyson to look that good. What did you do with him, how did you turn the clock back after the difficult time he had?

We have a great working relationship, just working on the fundamentals of boxing. From the ground up and working on everything all together. We have a fantastic team, a nutritionist, strength and conditioner, you know? We’ve always been together as a team, he has a great family around him as well. Everybody played their part in bringing the best out of Tyson. I think the big occasions bring the best out in Tyson and it definitely showed.

How did you begin to work with him?

I went on a training camp to Marbella with Billy Joe Saunders, the middleweight, and Tyson came over when he was at one of his heaviest weights. We did a couple of days in the ring and then he asked me about taking the job on. We just carried on working, stayed in touch and then one thing led to another. We got serious at the end of 2017, I went over to his house in November 2017 I believe, and the rest is history, as they say.

How do you feel about Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder?

They are very good fighters. I think Wilder is the tougher fight for Tyson, but that’s not taking anything away from Joshua. I just feel stylistically that Anthony Joshua is an easier fight for Tyson. And Deontay Wilder is a dangerous man. As I said, I believe he can change a fight in a split second. He knows that, he’s fully aware of that. Joshua doesn’t carry the same sort of one shot power that Wilder possesses but he’s a very, very good fighter and he obviously archived a hell of a lot in his spell. We just hope that we can make these fights.

What do you think about the Joshua-Miller fight?

It depends. I think if Miller can take a shot he could be tough opponent for Anthony Joshua. Cause I think Joshua doesn’t have the movement or boxing ability of somebody like Tyson. So if he loads up and tries to take Miller out and Miller is able to take a shot, I don’t know if he has the engine to keep that going for twelve full rounds. It’s an interesting fight. But I fully expect Anthony Joshua to come through it.

How do you see a fight between Tyson and Joshua playing out?

There’s two ways this fight could go: Joshua could come out fast and try for the knockout but like I said, I don’t think he has the engine to keep that going and he can’t just rush at somebody at world level, throwing all kinds of shots, rushing to punching. He’d eventually end up getting stopped if he choose to go that route. If he stands off Tyson, he has a bit of a better opportunity looking for that shot. But like I said, I don’t believe he has that one-punch knockout power. But he’s a good fighter and we just hope that we can get that fight made.

For a trainer at the level you are at, you are a young guy. Has your age ever played a factor in your career? Positively or negatively?

I think it played a part with the general public at first, obviously people where a bit wary about it. But I think once people saw Tyson’s performances and the work that was put in, they realized more and more that we work well together. It wasn’t much of a problem for them after that. Also, with all the fighters I have worked with, they knew in the split second they started with me that I could do a lot for them.

It must have been quite satisfying to prove the critics wrong with the Wilder fight.

Yeah, well, as a trainer, my goal is to bring the best out in the fighter that I work with. And if you do that, then the credit will come. So basically, all I have done is just my job.

How did you get into the sport of boxing?

My dad was an amateur boxing, I boxed as an amateur. I started working with Billy Joe Saunders on the coaching side. When I was 17 or 18 I’ve done my training qualifications and one thing lead to another.

Are you still working with Billy Joe Saunders?

I still do a bit of work for Billy Joe, yeah.

He is fighting for the WBO super middleweight title next. Do you feel confident about that fight?

Yeah, very confident. Billy Joe is an extreme talent, similar to Tyson. He’s an unbelievable fighter and this is a great opportunity to become a two-weight, two-time world champion.